Element Types from Element List

Hello everybody,

Does anyone know how to convert element list to element type? I have element list from link model and I want to get the types of those extracted elements.



Can you show a picture of your graph or attach it ?
It’s hard to answer without seeing anything.

Yes of course,
As you can see, I can’t get types of walls in the link model.
Special Walls.dyn (40.5 KB)

You have to use the node Element.ElementType+ from Clockwork.

Yes, that’s what I was looking for.
Thanks a lot,

You’re welcome.
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The outcome list has repetitive element types though.

That is to be expected if you have multiple instances of a type. You can use the Unique Elements node to get rid of duplicate types.

List.UniqueItems did the job. It trims the list down to unique element types.