Element top surface

Is there a way to determine the longest length of the top surface of an element? I am having a hard time writing a script that always chooses the top surface. I think once that is handled, the length would be easy.


With limited description it is hard to answer.

If you are looking to find the β€œTop” surface of a geometry, you should be able to filter by either/both the normals of a surface and/or the z(elevation) or points on the surface.

Similar to what Mike suggested, you could try sorting by a few properties:

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That looks promising. In my late night research I found surface.FilterByOrientation from clockwork and that simplifies this a bit. To give a bit more context to my problem, I was trying to look at side lengths of strip footings under walls less the pad footings. Revit so kindly gives the gross footing lengths instead of the net like it does for volume. Any further ideas are welcome.