Combining two seperate parameters into one

Hello Dynamo Community,

Just got back from AU where I got to dig into Dynamo for the first time with Zach, Marcello and other creative people from all over… And now that I’m back, I’ve got my first assignement already so here’s my first post also! :slight_smile:

I can see something’s wrong, but I’m not sure how to tell Dynamo to put the 1st item in one list with the corresponding item in the other list.

In this default project I just put a space to seperate the two parameters but it could also be a dash “-”.

Combining Sheet Names_Properties















Combining Sheet Names

Combining Sheet Names

The unconnected Code Block was just represent the list I think I should be getting in order to feed it to the SetParameterByName Value.

Thanks for you help!


PS: I can have a maximum of four individual parameters that I’d like to combine into one.


Does this work for you? Also, you can use Element.GetMultipleValuesByName from Rhythm to reduce the number of nodes you need.

Hi Tim,

Thanks alot, it worked great, I just love my job!

How do I eleminate Empty Values in the list so that I don’t have dashes for nothing?

Combining Sheet Names_Properties_Empty









Thanks Vikram,

It worked and it filtered the empty values. I didn’t think you could use a length node in that way since it’s a text string and not a number. To me length = number.

I get and error when I connect it to the Value Input on the SetParameterByName node??? Not the right type of data sent from previous node?






















With option 1 the data sent seems to be what it wants. Maybe because there’s one less level of lists in Opt1 than Opt2?

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Use the Flatten node on opt.2 to remove the first unwanted level of the list.

It worked. Thanks again Tim and Vikram! I already have a BIM Manager from another city asking me for this script! :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the sharing, actually this is my first attempt & unfortunately , I can’t find String From List, can anyone help me please?



Search for String from Object

Thank You Vikram, means object can be changed to list? I’am struggle in this stage, I tried to combine floor parameter: Level (constraints) and Zone (text)

Expand the lists and the warnings. Difficult to provide suggestions otherwise.

However, in your case I think the problem is that you are trying to convert strings that aren’t numbers to numbers.

String.ToNumber will work only if the list you are feeding consists only of numbers (in string format) eg 1000,1,23,8900 …

It won’t work if there are other characters (such as alphabets) present eg. Level 1, Height 12 …


Vikram, yes that is the problem. means it is not possible to transpose? attached with expanded list

Zone & Level