Element.SetParameterByName Dereferencing a non-pointer

Hi guys, I am back again with the same script and let’s hope for the last time…:dizzy_face:
Thanks to JacobSmall I have managed to sort the list of elements with an IfcGUID parameter within my project to the same order as the Excel list.
I thought I would be ready by now with Jacob’s solution, but when I try to assign the marks to the sorted elements the script shows the error ‘Dereferencing a non-pointer’.

When I connect the Elements from ‘All elements of categroy’ straight into the Element.SetParameterByName then the script works, but then the elements are unsorted ofcorse.
Somehow I have to let Dynamo know that the sorted IfcGUID parameters after the List.FilterByBoolMask are elements. I tried many different nodes and searched the web for hours but can’t find the solution.

Does anyone see a possibility? Any help is lot appreciated!

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I don’t think you are passing the elements here.
It looks like you are trying to write to the GUID, Get the element from the GUID then plug that into elements

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Hi :slight_smile:

As Daniel said, I don’t think you are passing the elements. Maybe try something like this ?

Hey @Daniel_Hurtubise @mellouze you are my hero’s!
Spend whole morning trying to connect different nodes which clearly didn’t work out :sweat_smile: Your suggestions make sense once I see it.

Thanks a lot!

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