Element.Setparameter- Apply progression or series as offset

I have slope pipe and putting supports over the sloped pipe. but those supports are coming horizontal.
I tried to add offsets as per the slope. but not able to fit it in Element.Setparameter

start and end offsets are of pipe; then i have calculated at what offsets those supports should come


im adding those start offset + the vertical distance

I hope you understood. All your help / suggestion is appreciated. Please suggest.

@Nissal Please upload your dyn and rvt files (or a link).

Dynamo 2.0.2
supports on pipes 8 upload.dyn (151.3 KB)

revit 2018.3

and Hanger family: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q7UB0y4a_ByTCOG2eH2rcCnZpyx14BzH/view?usp=sharing

Hanger is already in revit file.

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