Element SetName fails


I’ve been trying to get this graph to work so that it form the basis of a larger graph.
What I’m wanting to achieve is firstly… rename materials.
Later I want to expand this to read from an Excel sheet to assist maintaining our materials, whereby I can then rename or duplicate materials.

This is the basic graph which I can’t get working.


Hi Eddie,
Your setup seems correct, can you show what is coming out of the bool mask (in output).
Unless you are trying to filter multiple elements (1 - Metal Sheet, 2 - Custom Orb)? In that case you need to modify slightly.
See @Vikram_Subbaiah multiple filter with list on this post:

I do t believe that material names can be edited this way. Check the object type of the In output from the filter node.

Then open the clockwork Element.SetName node (double click on it), select all of the relevant nodes in there, copy and paste them into your graph.

Wire the results of your filter and the name as needed, and check to see what errors you get.