Element.material returns null in volume and area

Anyone else experiencing issuses with this clokcwork node?

Been trying soem different approaces but no matter what, it returns “null” in materialArea and materialVolume:

If you are in Revit 2022 it is likely a units issue. To confirm: Open the custom node by double clicking on it, copy all of the contents, switch back to the main workspace, paste in the contents, wire the pasted nodes into the larger workflow so they can execute, and see what warnings pop up.

Hi @jacob.small

Thx for reply, I have dissected the node, and it turns out there are several erros:

first one is failing to recognice this UnitType.UT_Area apperently thats because of a change in the API
Not sure what to change it to yet, but I will try to solve it, any suggestions are welcome.

Look into the ForgeType class as a start. :slight_smile: