Element.Location not right place


Hi, I am taking room from architect and getting Element.Location component and point and then insert in this place family, My problem is that x,y,z I am getting from Arch model points are not correct… everything is somehow rotated it is sth to do with revit project location - Project North? how we deal in such a situations?


2016-02-12 00_01_15-DynamoProject location


this should do the trick. I don’t have a linked file with me to test but try as shown:


in case that you don’t understand what is going on, the idea is:

  1. When you link in a file, Revit stores that files origin point relationship to the host file origin point. It’s called a total transform.

  2. You can extract total transform from the link instance. why instance and not the doc? because you can copy the same link around multiple times hence total transform would be different.

  3. You can ask the link document for rooms. It looks like you have figured that part out.

  4. However, when you ask a room that came from a linked doc for a location, that location point will be in relation to the origin point in that file. It’s as if you were in that file, and asked the room for location.

  5. You can transform the point, by total transform. Transform is like a matrix of different geometrical translations that you can apply to a point for example. It stores movement, rotation or even scaling transformations.

These are all custom nodes from archi-lab. Thanks!


Thanks a lot I have now better understanding but still is sth is not right,

I locatd issue there is more rooms that points and all data is mess up so I have less point and more data I guess those could be unplaced rooms,

how should I filter room elements to those only with points?




I manage to solve this with this one http://dynamobim.org/forums/topic/combine-list-based-on-boolean-list/ thanks a lot all is working…!!! :slight_smile:


Provided a node based solution at the discussion you’ve referenced above