Elements in Room Node (Archi-Lab) not reporting the correct Room Numbers

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I am a bit desperate and close to give up with this script as I cannot find any information regarding this issue.

I am trying to assign the Room Location of an specific category (Mechanical Equipment in the attached) from a linked model. Searching on the web I have found that Elements in Room node (from Archi-Lab) is the answer to my prays.

Running the script, everything seems to work fine. However, the result do not resemble the reality and the reported rooms to the elements are not the actual rooms where they are located in.

Can anyone help me with this one?

Many Thanks in advance!

can you show the previews of you nodes in the upper part?
Maybe the solution is to convert your room numbers to string

@Javier.OrdonezAlonso Please share your rvt and dyn file or a link to them.

So I have had similar problems and found two main causes:

If you have rooms that are created but not placed, the room number reported in the Elements in Room node will be wrong, despite being in a room. Go to the project with the rooms and create a room schedule. At the top of the tool bar will be an option to show unplaced. Delete those and try the script again.

A second cause could be that Elements in Room node is based on the projects ActiveProjectLocation, which is different from the Project Base Point and Project Survey Point. It is easy for this to become misaligned between projects. If the above method did not solve it, you can try running this script and see if the locations are the same. If not, then you will have to use API to change one.
activeProjLocation.dyn (15.3 KB)
Example of script:

Just found out my linked project’s angle to true north is off of my current project :joy: Also sorry that I cannot remember who gave the original python script that I used and modified but thank you to whoever that was.


Hi Guys,

Many Thanks for your replies.

Apologies for not uploading the files, but as a new user I am not being allowed to.


Your comments were really helpful! Many Thanks.

I have gone through both your options. By using your script, I found that the models did not have the same Active Project locations. I have been doing some research, but haven’t found much information regarding this. I know this is a different topic, but is there any way I could match the Active Project location of my models?

Many Thanks in advance.

So I made a script to match from one project’s activeprojectlocation to another linked project’s. But this makes the project base point no longer line up, which is easy to move and realign. However it makes everything shift the distance between the two. So the entire project no longer lines up and you would have to manually move one of the entire .rvt’s elements.

Let me see if I can find it tomorrow and you can use at your own risk.

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