Element issue (Dereferencing a non-pointer)

Hy everyone !

someone it´s having this problem with design script Element?


I´m using thins scrit with a shorcut in keyboard to type faster element get param. But it seems there is an issue with the element refx…

Dynamo version

thanks !

I don’t know what exactly causes the error but why are you doing this in a code block?
Just use this:

Hi @dca,

Multiple definitions for ‘Element’ can be found so the correct syntax is : Revit.Elements.Element.GetParameterValueByName(x, "View Name");


Off course @Daan!

Im doing this meanwhile , but i´m quite interested in know the issue in desing script.

It´s easy for me type a shortcut in my keyboard with the script. And better use one node instead two…

Thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner!!!

works perfect! :grinning: