Element.IntersectsSolid not working

hello, can anyone tell me why this node isnt working please?

It looks like you are providing a list of points rather than solids.

Hi there!
Ok that worked. But not to sound like a noob here, but why in the world if something can clash solids, cant it clash points? I would think that would be easier…

Hello @mix,

The node in question is coded to deal with Solid elements rather than points. Dynamo typically requires particular data to feed into nodes for it to function correctly - in this case, the way the Element.IntersectSolids node has been coded requires it to have a solid input.

If you are looking to remove points that sit on top of each other try out the Point.PruneDuplicates node, or if you are looking to pair points with their closest Geometry you can try Geometry.DistanceTo or Geometry.ClosestPointTo :slight_smile: