Element.IntersectsSolid vs BoundingBox.GetElementsIntersect

I want to get a list of elements which are intersecting the solid. But the node(Element.IntersectsSolid: Bimorph) doesn’t work for this situation. But the funny thing is If I change the solid to boundingbox then it works. What do I need to change? I want to use solid because solid can be used for more specific geometirical info.

Does Cuboid and Solid are at the same place?

No. That’s the reason that I don’t want to use the Cuboid(Boundingbox),Solid is smaller than Cuboid in this case.

I tried to use the BoundingBox.GetElementsIntersect node,select ceiling as an element and changed the all of fixtures to boundingbox and run it. but in the result one of lights which is placed not on the selected ceiling is about included. :confused: The number of lights has to be 14…

BoundingBox is convex box around geometry, it’s not a error. Share your file, i’ll see what we can do.

Thank you for your replying. The file is related to my work. so, because of the safety reason unfortunately I can’t upload this file…

Hi, here is my dyn file. Please give me any suggestions.

Test_IFC model2.dyn (59.1 KB)

And result is 15 fixtures? Analyze, why are they in list?
Get all solids from your geometry, try to find out, if solids are intersecting?

To make the fixtures to solid,I tried to get the surface of lights,but the node doesn’t work for linkedelements.

The result has to be 14 fixtures,one of elements which is not placed in selected ceiling is counted in my result…

Use LinkElement.Solid and Does.Intersect for check solids intersections.

I just followed same process that I made solid with a selected room.

It’s still empty…

Amigo @jaeho Buenas, I will look at your script to see if I am able to understand what you need and try to help you, meanwhile I leave you a link to a Dynamo Office Hours video, where JacobSmall explains the abstract geometry topics of the Dynamo library and how to use them, it helped me a lot and I hope you too.

Yes. Thank you for your suggestion. But I still don’t understand why the element in in the list when I filtered the fixtures by solid(ceiling).

Hi, I found a solution. I filtered it through the Point.Project node,put ceiling as a baseGeometry and took points from fixtures(Boundingbox midpoint)

Cool, I’m glad you found a solution, you’re improving fast, keep it up! :+1: