Element.Geometry Warning

Hey everyone,

Im writing a script to get the intersection point of a vertical pipe and a floor and to then insert a sleeve family at that given point. However, im getting a warning seen below. I cant figure out whats wrong. The warning at Element.Geometry Node is “Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer.”

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Your FilterByBooleanMask is filtering the parameter value, not the actual element. You need to pass the element into the Geometry node.

so after i filter out the horizontal and vertical pipe using the boolean node how do i convert the output back to an element?

Rather than passing GetParameterValueByName back into FilterByBooleanMask, you can pass your element list (from AllElementsofCategory) in its place.

ohhh i see what i was doing wrong, Thank you so much Nick.

Hey Nick, if i could ask you one more question. I have looked through this forum for putting void families at intersection points. And followed other peoples workflows, but my sleeve family doesnt show in revit where the floor and pipe intersect. what am i missing?

I think it’s a matter of list management and lacing. You use Geometry.Intersect to get the intersection of a bunch of elements, however you’re only check one against the other. You need to set lacing to Cross Product (unless you already have them sorted somehow). Flatten and Solid.Centroid will also need to use lacing. Try looking into how lacing works if you’re not already familiar, and see if you can get a little closer. And use those node previews! :wink:

works perfectly, thank you good sir

May I please see your finished DYN file?