Element.Faces failed - “PolyCurves may be branching”. Changing geometry working range not working

Hi, when I used Element.Faces to get the element faces there was an error called Element.get_Faces operation failed. PolyCurves may be branching. I tried to change the geometry working range from small to extra large as suggested by other posts but all of the four ranges could not work.

I wrote some python scripts to capture the error elements as below.

import sys
import clr
from Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry import *

elements = IN[0]
faces = []
errors = []
for element in elements:
OUT =  faces, errors

It showed that there are three error elements as below. But they look so normal…

Any solutions to this problem? Thanks!
Revit model and dynamo file:

dynamo.dyn (18.1 KB)


Hi Howie…it works for me…try to set you column type to another type and run, set it back again and it works…very strange…

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Thanks @sovitek !

Same to me…strange…