Electrical Equipment getting Circuit Information

Hi, I have been working to get circuit Ampacities updated automatically utilizing dynamo. This has worked well with a lot of families (electrical devices) but I have trouble getting the actual circuit information for families of category type Electrical Equipment. Transformers, panels, switchgear, etc. are all in this category. The only info I can seem to find to access is “Fed From” category which helps me filter electrical circuits down to only those circuits in each panel but I don’t have a way to access the circuit number from the info stored in the Electrical Equipment instance to filter my list to just the circuit I am looking for? I am guessing that this is just a limitation of the software or the family category type I am working with? Any help would be much appreciated! Any thoughts on workarounds for this?

Have you looked at the MEPover package? It has some good nodes for electrical circuits that might help.

That package has a node that is Element.ElectricalCircuit; makes quick work of getting the circuit connected to the Transformers, I am bet this will work on the distribution equipment too, haven’t tried it yet. Thanks for the help Nick! That is what I was looking for.

There’s some really good stuff in there. Should help, but if you still get stuck you can try working backwards by getting the circuit elements first and pulling element information from them.