Get and Set type parameters by clicking on the "from" and "to" elements in a loop

Hi !
I have a lot of kitchen equipment. Some is hard wired, most is plugged in. The families have the electrical load info set. However the outlets are what is actually circuited to the panels. So I have to copy the load info from the families to their respective dedicated outlets. How do I go about creating a “Get and Set” Dynamo script which allows me to click on a Specialty Equipment family, and then on its corresponding outlet to transfer the voltage and load parameter values, and then the next Equipment family and so on in a continuous loop until I click on blank space ?

Thanks !

Do you really want to click everything or let dynamo do the work on all the equipment on its own?
Have you already tried implementing it in dynamo?
Anyways could you upload a small revit file with some of your elements already connected/plugged in and with the electrical info so that the forum memebrs could try and help you?

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I have a similar workflow. Did you ever get this to work?