Detail Item and Electrical Equipment Families and Parameters

I have two families, Detail Item and Electrical Equipment. The Detail Item has two parameters called “Detail Name” and “Detail Equipment Type”. The Electrical Equipment has also two parameters called “Panel Name” and “Equipment Type”. Is there a way to assign the value from “Detail Equipment Type” into “Equipment Type” only if “Detail Name” and “Panel Name” have the same value?

Thank you in advance!

yea you can do it but with dynamo, i will not be a “live” conversion :slight_smile:


Have a look at this? I don’t know if I’ve interpretted you quite right, but it should be a decent pointer?

ParametersCopyDyn2.dyn (55.1 KB)



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@Mark.Ackerley There are a few warnings I get when I run the graph:


Thank you very much!!

Here is the detail item family I created as an example:
Detail - Panelboard - SLD.rfa (284 KB)

and here is the Electrical Equipment Family:
EE_Panelboard - Vac (CCG).rfa (352 KB)

I don’t have any more time I’m afraid… I think you can work it out… As the node says, you’re trying to get the type name, probably you need to filter in a different way… Perhaps just get the the particular Family you’re using and all of it’s types? then you can just go straight for Get Parameter Value…

Hope that helps,


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@Mark.Ackerley I made it work!!!

Thank you soooo much again!!!


Good work :slight_smile:

@Mark.Ackerley I do have one last question, if you could at least suggest a good way to do it, it would hopefully be enough. How could I get filter out the “null” values?


You could use an Object.IsNull node along with a List.FilterByBoolMask to filter out null values. But, since the null values are only being returned due to the -1 indexes you could use a >= node to test if the index is greater than or equal to 0, again using this in conjunction with List.FilterByBoolMask.


@cgartland Thank you!!

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