Editing Family type parameter

In the Project environment, reading a title block family, am trying to edit a Family type, parameter, governing the visibility of Generic Annotation Families.

In the family

In the project

In dynamo - I cant even read it.

Suggestions? Many thanks

What hapens when you skip the “<Generic_Annotations>” part in your Code Block.
In the upper picture the name of your parameter is only “BH_Keyplan”

@MJB-online is right lose the “Generic Annotations”, and feed Element Type into Value input, Element name just wont work, because this parameter type expects Element type as Value.

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Ok, the same problem was posted here.

You were right, I now shared the family and I am able to read it.
If you want to set this as anticipated by @Jan_Secnik i will need an ID.

Maybe you can try this.

I went for this, so I have access to the whole set of types.

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