Edit parameter properties of multiple elements

Hey all,

For a project I need to index some elements.
All the elements are from the same type and family.
I need to edit the properties and fill in a number and count up 1 per element.
Brick 1: comment 1 //Locate commentsection enter number 1
Brick 2: comment 2 //Locate commentsection enter number 2
Brick 3: comment 3 //Locate commentsection enter number 3

This needs to be done in the properties menu.
Now I wanted to automate this with Dynamo.
Because I want to learn Dynamo better and I dont want to manually type a couple 100 numbers.
So I made a script.
It works with writing input to the properties.
The only problem is that it writes the same value to every element.
So I thought I could put the value in like this:
0= 1st brick
20= last brick
1= steps of value
But Dynamo doesnt accepts list as an value.
The scriptAdd info in paramters for selection.dyn (33.5 KB)


Dynamo accepts lists, maybe it doesn’t accept integers in the Comments parameter (only strings).
Try something like this:

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Hey Lucamanzoni.

Thanks for your input!!
It works exactly like I wanted.