Edit lot of family in a revit project?

Hi there,

I would like to change a parameter value inside a lot of family loaded in a project with a SCRIPT.

Anybody know how to run a script that goes inside all object in the project, change a parameter value and then reload it inside Revit Project ?

Thanks for your time

Unthink Edit Family 2
Unthink Edit Family

Don’t use the Parameter node as pictured, this has a different use within workflows.
Instead use the Element.SetParameterByName node :wink:

Though you are trying to change a Family parameter that is usually set within the Familiy Editing environment, so a slightly different workflow will be needed.

You may need to look into ‘background open’ workflows to open a bunch of Family documents, adjust the parameters, save, and reload into the Project environment.

Have a look here for a start :slight_smile:

Try the node called “Element.SetParameterValueByName”

And that parameter looks like a boolean to me (true/ false) so feed it a boolean.

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@Eric_Dynamo check this one:

Hey, thanks for the tips, but when I try to do this with the value “0” to uncheck the parameter Always vertical, it does change the value to “0” in Dynamo but not inside Revit, the process of changing the value and reimport the object inside Revit is not processing…

when I check doing getparametervaluebyname after setting the parameter, it seems alright but not in Revit.

Any idea ?

@Eric_Dynamo try with a Boolean node instead of 0/1 integers

Hi @Eric_Dynamo May be you should check out this. I had also the same issue but then I got the solution. You should check this out

If that is a type parameter then I think you need to go the long way. You can collect and export all those families to a directory and change values and re-import into project. This can be done in single graph.