Each Group gets the same TEXT NOTE

trying to make a graph that will group beams together by the distance from the slab below to the bottom of them beam. that way i have a quick reference the beam heights for coordination. The graph colors the like beams thee same color. NOW im trying to add a TEXTNOTE to the beams in the middle stating that value. I NEED TO KNOW how to give each group the same TEXTNOTE. Thank you in advance.

Structural Framing By Bottom of Beam With Tag.dyn (109.9 KB)


The List Clean node has the Elements in their proper groups

It looks like you group the elements after you’ve taken offset value, so your elements are sorted but your values are not. You can either rebuild your values list based on the element sorting, or you can use List.SortByKey to keep everything in the proper order but you may need to chop your lists to keep structure. Check out Clockwork’s List.CountOccurences. See if that will get you started.

EDIT: Like this :wink:

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@Nick_Boyts My list.count occurrences isnt doing the same thing yours is

Ah. It should probably be used on the keys instead. It worked for mine because I was just using text as an example. Yours is looking at each family instance.

@Nick_Boyts That worked by it doesnt label them correctly

The Red beams should be 96
and Both yellow should be 112

Can you post a stripped down version of your rvt file to test?

Heres is the link to the file.

Here is the new DYN:

Structural Framing By Bottom of Beam With Tag.dyn (81.6 KB)

It looks like the text note node isn’t handling the list structure properly. You can actually get rid of the List.Chop nodes and plug the SortByKey outputs in directly.

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Awesome!!! Im going to try it on real project ill let you know if i have any problems Thank you!

I added another beam and it shifted all the annotations. so they are wrong again…

The Red Should be 88
the yellow should be 112
and the green should now be 96

@Nick_Boyts Never mind it seems to be working now!! Weird

Probably just needed a fresh run or to update part of the graph.

@Nick_Boyts How would i make the text smaller

That would have to be done in your text type. You could use Dynamo to set it, but it would be easier and faster to do it manually since it’s just one time.