Dyno Browser - Select Elements

Has anyone had any luck using the Dyno Browser to select elements? It’s a really handy add-in and the idea behind the preset values is great and all seem to work fine, except for selecting elements.

I think it’s Select Element - this is working on my end;

“Select Element”:{“type”:“element”, “mode”:“rectangle”}

I’ve tried one, many and rectangle without luck. The Select Element part can say anything. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think this name is how it links to the name of the node?
Maybe there’s something wrong with my install, Revit, Dynamo or Dyno Browser.

My complete DPR looks like this;

"hideOriginal" : true,
    "presets" : {
       "Select Rooms":{
            "Select Element":{"type":"element", "mode":"rectangle"}

I know the Select Rooms is what can say anything. I thought the Select Element was specific but you could totally be right. All I know is, this is working for me. I’m not on the latest build of Dyno though so maybe a different there?

I might try an older version of Dyno then because I copied your dpr file and still nothing. I think the “Select Element” is how it links to your dynamo graph, again could be wrong. So that you can have multiple select element presets linking to multiple nodes in your graph.

Which version of Dyno, Dynamo and Revit are you using?

I have it working with “useSelected”:"SelectWalls"
You can only have 1 selection input though as it sends what you already have selected to the node called SelectWalls

The latest stable build of Dynamo and I think 4.9 or so of Dyno. Not sure how to get the version number.

So you think the “Select Element” is keying off the name of the node? If you had several Select Element nodes you’d need some way to distinguish between them.

I can’t say for certain for selecting elements because mine doesn’t work. But when I use:
The SelectWalls definitely links to the node, if I change the node name it breaks the link. Same thing happens with numbers (below) so I’m just assuming the same is true for selection.