Dynaworks NavisProperties.GetPropertiesList Not Working

Hi Everyone,

I am using Dynaworks to extract data from my clash tests in Navisworks to leverage it in PowerBI. I have figured out how to extract the Element ID and a couple of other items like Level, Phase Created, System Type.

The issue I keep on bumping into is that in order to extract this information, I need to use the NavisProperties.GetValuesAsStringClassUserName node and it asks me for the “PropertyName”. The way I have it set up right now, I need to enter each PropertyName manually.

What I would like to do is have Dynaworks extract all the PropertyNames associated to the ClashNode (Element in Navisworks). Then, I can extract all the data the element contains using the ClassUserNames and all the Properties.

When I try to use the NavisProperties.GetPropertiesList to get all the properties and plug in Navis Attributes, it gives me a null value. Am I plugging in the wrong attributes?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.