DynamoBCFManager help wanted


I am looking for a way to read the content of a bcf file.
I found a package: DynamoBCFManager that was uploaded by arch.zakzouk and was part of the AEC Hackathon in Berlin last year. When I click on the author I find no emailadress or further information.

I installed the package but it doesn’t read the bcf-files I tried.

Is the author here to give an example?
Or does anybody know how to use this package?



Hi Menno,

I was looking to do the same thing…turns out the bcf file is just a zip-file with a fancy name.

You can just change the extension to .zip and extract. :wink:



I found that out later and actually forgot about this post.
I did not pursue this further because of other (Dynamo) priorities.

Thanks for the reply, it’s not hard to get the data.

Now I need te try and remember my idea for using this… :slight_smile: