Dynamo version Civil 3D/ Sandbox

Which is the best Dynamo version you can use for Civil 3D 2022 now?
And also which Dynamo Sandbox version?

Thanks in advance.

What do you mean by “best”?

Hi @mzjensen

Thanks for your reaction.

I meant which one to use for having a smooth connection between the Sandbox and Dynamo for Civil 3D (version 2022).
But I had already contact with @JacobSmall.
2.12 = for Civil 2022
2.12 = for Dynamo Sandbox

Hi @j.boonen ,

I have been working with Dynamo Sandbox 2.10, Dynamo Sandbox 2.12 and Dynamo Civil3D 2.12 simultaneously on the same Graphs without any errors. The packages I am using are the same though

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