Dynamo - Using a reverse value

I was looking for a way to use the equivalent of an invert value.

Basically say you have a point that goes on a positive value on the X axis, i want the opposite. Going to a negative value.

Thanks to Zack for the heads up on using a Multiply.

So multiply the slider by -1 and feed taht into the point value :)

I’m trying this to take the floor thickness and apply it to the wall top offset. Seems to work in positive but is not accepting my negative number as described above. It’s not giving me an error in Dynamo but it’s not changing the parameter in Revit. Any ideas?

Same workflow, no problem.

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Hi Jay,

Your getting trailing zero’s at your parameter values. If you change “Number Format” settings in Dynamo that will help you. Follow steps below. Good Luck!


Thank you both. From Vikram’s graph image I could see that I was a victim of improper Lacing. When I set the Lacing of my Element.SetParmeterByName node to Longest, it worked.

I was able to use another method for inverting. Code block, -x;. invert a value