Dynamo to target .NET 5 anytime soon?

Hi Dynamo developers,

I was wondering if the Dynamo team is considering upgrading to .NET 5 framework in the future?

If so, is there anything that developers will need to know if that ever happens? With regards to updating packages from Framework 4.8 to .NET 5 I mean. Or would that be backwards compatible?


I’ve checked with development to see if there is any timeline, but likely this will be driven by the host applications.

As far as I know the most impacted aspects will all be the zero touch nodes which interact with the host application, and many of those will be minimal. I recommend getting involved with the Revit (or Civil, Advanced Steel, Alias, FormIt, etc.) beta, as this will be the best way to get a heads up on the change, and will give you the best insight on the impact.