Dynamo to export cad dwg from revit - error message

Hi… I have tried to create a graph to export dwg files from Revit but get an error message at what I think is the last step.

I used an “Export DWG” node from Genius Loci and placed into this graph…

But at the end get this error…


It says “expected str, got list”.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what I’m doing wrong ?


Your file names are 3 levels deep, the other datasets are 2 at most. Try adding a List.Flatten node between the file names and the inputs and see if that solves the issue, or utilize List At Level function to ensure all items process at level 2.

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Hi @DeanB72,

You don’t need the filepaths in the input Filenames.
Here is an example :

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Thanks… I seem to have got it working now but not without further errors along the way. I’ll study the differences between the first graph and the final graph to see what the issues were.

Do not hesitate to add your trials if you need a hand.