Dynamo Studio 2017 failing to launch

I was hoping to use Dynamo with Fusion 360 to drive my parameters with the Fusion plugin, but to also import and export sat files to manipulate.
I installed Dynamo Studio 2017 and updated it to 2017.5, but I can’t get it to open. The splash screen appears, but nothing happens after that. I also tried opening Dynamo through the Fusion plugin, but the same thing happens. I installed it as a standalone download and also through the Autodesk Desktop App, but I’ve had no luck getting it running. I’m using a student licence if it matters. Is there something I’m missing?


I had same problems and more… Dynamo Studio uses a old Core. Some Nodes even does not work.
A alternative could be useing Sandbox. There you can also launch dynamo without opend Revit.



Hello @reidyg - As Andreas states, you could try using the Dynamo Sandbox which is a way to use Dynamo without accessing it through a host. Have a read up on this post here: A new way to get Dynamo Sandbox - Dynamo BIM and see if that helps :slight_smile:

If that doesn’t solve your issue, then we can look into the technicals of why Dynamo Studio isn’t working here.

cc @Michael_Kirschner2

sounds like a tls issue:


Sadly sandbox won’t work as a direct replacement here as it lacks the fusion integration which makes the geometry conversion more difficult. Would be good to get that updated at some point.

The TLS issue @Michael_Kirschner2 pointed out is the first thing I would check.

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