Dynamo Standards Discussion

I need a Dynamo Standard fast. I visited VLADIMIR ONDEJCIK post… but didn’t find quite the definition I was hoping for. It seems there could have been more completeness.

Dynamo Standards

The Forum is intended to help folks help themselves to better their understanding and knowledge of Dynamo. Your demand for information and criticism of what I would consider a fairly comprehensive post by @Vladimir_Ondejcik2 is not warranted, and to be honest probably isn’t going to get you any help.

Perhaps figuring out what you could provide for comment or feedback would be a good place to start.

I am sorry! Didn’t mean anything. It was just that I have people now jumping onto the Dynamo band wagon, and was getting a bit anxious.

… please accept my apology.

helping folks that help themselves…” This is why I’ve posted back when I have some positive progress.

I find these links helpful:

Graphic Standardization:

Guidance for teaching it:

*Also relabeled the thread to better summarize


I think a question what you need to ask yourself is what problems do you want to solve with a standard. At our office we collaborate a lot with people that never used dynamo before, but they need to use it in their projects. For that we use color-coding as described in my article and also we collect all variable parameters at the beginning. Further problems we address with standard are leginitily and reusability. Fot that we need a good annotation and modularization. Module is a group of nodes that perform a certain function and it has all input and output parameters redundantly placed at the beggining and end in “identity nodes” named after data they carry. I Believe this modularization is what most people that start with Dynamo skip and see it as extra unnecessary work, but i believe it has the biggest impact on legibility and helps a lot with troubleshooting when Dynamo definiton had grown bigger.


Thank you for sharing!