Dynamo shame on linux

You are promoting Dynamo as open-source, and yet, you are not making it available for any linuxOS (a.k.a. the motherland of open source). No software is truly free if you can’t run it in an open source environment. Nobody is gonna waste time compiling it from source. Just make it available as an appimage, flatpak, snap, deb or rpm package. Or, better yet, make it available in Software Centers like Calamares, MintInstall or Ubuntu Software center.
Regular users can’t learn Dynamo quickly if they have to spent many hours compiling it from source. They may fail in most occasions and may abandon Dynamo altogether. Run free on free. Don’t run free on proprietary windoz junk.
Even children could learn Dynamo on their Chromebooks, if that would be available on the Chrome Web Store.

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Access on a chrome book is doable now - compile it to run on a web box and you can use it from a phone if you’d like (this used to be a favorite plaything of mine, but the screen was VERY limiting).

Use on Linux would however require years of development of the required dependencies (I think it might be years to tackle the geometry kernel alone). The reality is that this is a more open system than almost any other, to the point that you could incorporate it into anything you might want within the parameters given (Windows OS, geometry kernel being available). And people have (ie: Dynamaya), with various degrees of use. However each one of these things requires someone to maintain, update, and port over time.

In the end there is a huge amount of technical debt created when you chose to port to another operating environment, and the load created by moving to Linus likely isn’t viable for the amount of return on investment (financial, societal, or personal) in relation to a cloud service.