Dynamo Selecting Chinese Simplified Language Pack, shows garbled




Can you please tell us if this is Dynamo for Revit or DynamoSandbox? What version of Windows? If it is D4R what version of Revit are you running, and what is the /language country code set to (this is in the Revit command line)? What are your localisation settings as shown in the Windows Control Panel? Do you have Dynamo 1.3 installed, and if so, does it display Chinese characters correctly?

You may have an incorrect installation of Dynamo, could you please check in the Control Panel for older versions of Dynamo?


您好!此dynamo版本为1.2.2,该截图为dynamo for revit 2018,windos版本为WIN 7,revit语言用的是中文简体,也试着去装了Dynamo2.01,但无论是打开dynamosandbox还是for revit 都是乱码


@326385135 Follow these steps:

Step 1:

Step 2:

And here is the result:






@326385135 检查核心文件夹而不是Revit。






Have you tried the steps shown above? Which Dynamo version, and which version of the associated software(s) are you using?

Also, please try to keep dialog in English so that future users who may have the same problem only need to search in a single language.

谢谢 :smiley: