Problems with revit 2017.2 spanish version

Hi every one!!

Ive tried to select TexNotes but dont work:


but if i start English version of Revit, (2017.2) it work fine:



Thanks in advance

My version of dynamo:


@jesusgarciaarquitect I believe you need to change the path for your Dynamo language as well, see here on how to do so (it is similar to how you modify Revit to start in Spanish):

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks for anserwing, but i use Dynamo for Revit, not Dynamo standalone.

@jesusgarciaarquitect That’s fine - it still works the same! You can find the DynamoSandbox.exe in C:\Program Files\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\1.3 (typically where it is installed) or wherever you designated it to be installed.

Right click on it from there and “Pin to Taskbar” or create a Desktop Shortcut. From either taskbar or Desktop shortcut (whichever you chose) right click on the Dynamo icon, and select Properties and follow the instructions in the link I provided above. Hope this is clear :slight_smile:

After you do this, close out Dynamo and Revit and reopen, then try to see if Dynamo will recognize the Spanish inputs; it should work!

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