Dynamo Script to combine 3D and 2D elements

Hello community,
i have a question. I’m thinking of a Dynamo Scrpit where I search for a Projectparameter which is in both families (detailfamily and 3D Family).
They have the same value e.g. ‘Parametername’ = “description” and value = 001.
Then i have of course other projectparameter in both families. Now i want to change or add the value of a parameter called “dimension” inside the 3D Family to “200” and that value should be copied to the detailfamily with the same parameter “dimension” of course.

Is this possible?

Something like this?

I’m not sure I fully understood
try the scritp below
if you have the same number of 3D objects as 2D, you can use the “List.FirstIndexOf” instead of “List.AllIndicesOf”

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First of all, thank you for helping.
My goal is to link the 3D elements with schemes in Revit.
My main componets are 3D families with filled parameters.
Now I want to connect my 3D families with the 2D detailfamilie.
Both have one main parameter which should be the same as a reference, in my case “TD_AKS”.
Than I have my second parameter called “TD_ISP” which is filled with a numbe/text in my 3D family. Dynamo should now check my 3D and 2D familie if they have the same “TD_AKS” number, if yes fill in TD_ISP from 3D family parameter into my 2D family parameter.

I have some small problem.

I hope my explanation is now a little bit better.

so the script i sent you should work

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Thanky you, now it was working okay. Not perfect but okay :slight_smile:
But my Revit just crashed … when I have the same number/text in “TD_AKS” and different numbers in “TD_ISP” revit crashed :sweat_smile:

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