Dynamo Script that opens multiple Revit Models located on BIM360

Hello all!
I am creating a Dynamo script that performs a model issues automatically on multiple models located on BIM360.
I have tried to use both packages Orchid and Rhythm, however the majority of the files within the BIM360 folder cannot be read.
Reading through the previous posts, I understood that Forge may be the only way to run dynamo scripts on BIM360, however I am struggling to find tutorial/online material about how to do so.
Has someone already faced and overcome this issue and would like to share their experience?

Thanks in advance


I think it is related to Forge @Andrea.Rolle



Hello…you could try birdtool…it should run on B360


is this free @sovitek ? Birdtool

yeps :wink: Bird Tools | Products and a great alternative to backgroundopen

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