Open multiple models located on BIM 360 and batch import shared parameters

Is it possible to generate a dynamo script to massively open several models, which are located in bim 360? I want to try this, to then import new shared parameter in each of the models. It is a process that has to be repeated on 200+ archives. So automatization is a much needed tool.

is it possible to do that in dynamo?
Or it is beyond its capabilities and only trough Forge can be done?

thanks in advance

It’s possible. You can open cloud models and run scripts on them with RevitBatchProcessor or with BirdTool Dynamo Multiplayer. (I had more success with the former.) Than you can create a script which adds the shared param to the model and syncs.

But there is a new “Revit Parameter Service”, it’s basically a shared parameter file hosted on ACC (formerly BIM360), maybe you can achieve what you want with this one: