Dynamo script that helps to screenshot multiple Dynamo scripts

Hi all, I don’t believe we have anything of this kind before so… Here’s my line of thought.

What if you need to review dozens of scripts and you don’t need to see the result, just the logic in the visual nodes.

Is there anything out there that helps you perform that said task?

  1. Opens up the script
  2. Takes a screenshot
  3. Saves the script in the same folder
  4. Close the script

Would be awesome if that could be done some way.

J Lee

Nope, not seen anything like that. I had a quick play at lunch and I think this is roughly what you are after right?

If so, I’ll create an “as-is” package and post it here when I get another minute.


Oh my gosh… yes! What a legend. Pretty curious how you’ve managed to get that to work. :thinking: amazed nonetheless

Happy to help! You can find the Extension here.

Note: After you download, make sure to unblock the zip before extracting. Once extracted, you should have one folder called DynoSnapper, copy this to your packages directory for whatever version of Dynamo you are using (this should be along the lines of …appdata/roaming/Dynamo/Dynamo Revit/[Version]/Packages) and you should see it when you open up Dynamo.

I have tested against Dynamo 2.0.3 → 2.6 (or Revit 2019 → 2021) and works as expected.

I’ll post the code up on GitHub on the weekend so you can have a look how it all works and do what you want with it and you’ll also see it’s not all that magical! :slight_smile:


Thanks mate. It worked like a charm!

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Awesome! Good to hear! :slight_smile:

This works for Dynamo for Civil 3D as well thanks! I have too many folders, can you make an option to search child folders and put the pictures in the parent folder?

Sure, I’ll just make it recursive. I’ll add that tomorrow for you.


Actually I had that same problem. Was planning to write a script to move the files together instead. Recursive option would be great too no doubt!

I have updated to now have a recursive exporter. You can download from the same link I believe. Currently this still places the images in the same folder the script was exported from, but on the weekend I will add a UI where you have more options (say specify an images folder, preserve directory naming etc) and then publish the code so you can expand it further! :slight_smile:


OK, as promised. I have updated the View Extension with a simple UI to make life a little easier…

New Features:-

  • User Interface with directory validation and options.
  • Option to export all images into an “Images” folder at root file directory (or custom image directory if specified).
  • Option to export all images and keep directory structure. If no save path specified, this will create an “Images” folder in the same directory in which the script resides, or if given an image directory, the images will be saved in matching directories like for like.

Here is a demo (sped up while exporting to save you some pain)…

You can download from the same link as I posted earlier, or use the one below but follow the install instructions in the earlier post…



hey mate, it works wonderfully. Thanks for the additional UI upgrade. I have added this latest version as a solution so… Very grateful for this :+1:

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This is so sweet :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing

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