Dynamo script suddenly not running

Dynamo 2.3 Revit 2020

Hi, I made this script and then suddenly it just goes run and run completed. It was right after I was trying some if nodes. Otherwise was running fine before and just finished it which was a bummer. Is a rather large script.

Didnt run properly after adding these but after deleting them wont run either. Not sure what’s going on

Cant add an image of graph says over 80 megapixels. But its got multiple form input to start it

So it if it helps anyone else copying it into a new graph window worked

Did you try restarting your CPU? This could be the result of a bad VM for Dynamo, which can sometimes hang in the background unnoticed and unterminable via normal UI.

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I gave restarting the computer a go but that didnt work

Can you post the bad graph, or share with me some other way? Would like to ID the cause so the development team can take any actions needed to prevent such issues. :slight_smile:

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