Dynamo Revit versioning question

Can someone explain to me what the most recent version of Dynamo Revit is? The website says 2.12, but when I click Help >> About in Dynamo it says 2.3.1 (Up-to-date). On top of that, the latest version of Dynamo that is listed in Add/Remove programs is 2.0.1.

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Since 2020, the version of Dynamo Revit is bound to the version of Revit you are using…


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I’m aware of that, but the website says 2.12, whereas if I check Help>>About Dynamo says its up to date with version 2.3.1. I also want to know why neither 2.12 or 2.3.1 is listed in Add/Remove programs.

Add/Remove programs will only show the versions that were installed as separate applications. Since newer versions are installed with Revit, they can’t be uninstalled separately.

As for the “latest version”, I’m not totally sure if this is correct, so someone else can clarify, but I assume it’s a similar situation. The Dynamo for Revit version is now tied to the Revit version (and update), so Dynamo will automatically get updated with Revit. This means the Dynamo version will always be “up to date” with the active version of Revit. However, this also means that if Dynamo gets updated before Revit, you can have newer versions of Dynamo without a Revit version to match. This is where you can download and install updates to Dynamo on top of your current version.

Unfortunately that still doesn’t explain the difference between 2.12 and 2.3.1. Additionally, I’m not sure I understand the second half of your second paragraph. If Dynamo will always be up to date and is tied to Revit updates, how would Dynamo be updated before Revit? Does that mean there is a way to uninstall/reinstall Dynamo (for Revit 2020+) without needing to use a Revit update?

Again, this is only my assumption so take it with a grain of salt.

Dynamo is showing as “up to date” with respect to the Revit version, not what’s available to Dynamo.

Let’s say Revit 2020 ships with Dynamo 2.2.0. Dynamo will obviously be up to date with respect to the current Revit version. When you update Revit to 2020.2.7 you also upgrade Dynamo to 2.3.1. Again, Dynamo is up to date with the installed version of Revit. However, the development and release of Dynamo is not tied to the development of Revit. Dynamo continues to get updates but if there is no update to Revit then there is no automatic installation. Dynamo for Revit will still show that 2.3.1 is up to date compared to Revit 2020.2.7 even if there’s a newer version of Dynamo. The latest version of Dynamo is available to be downloaded and manually installed on top of the existing version, but I believe that’s the only option. The only way to “uninstall” that version of Dynamo is to reinstall Revit.


The latest release of Dynamo is 2.13.

The latest release of Dynamo for Revit is 2.12.

However 2.12 is only released for Revit 2022. If you are in 2021 or 2020 you will be limited to earlier versions.

You can get the latest version of Dynamo for Revit by upgrading your Revit build (ie: if you are in Revit 2020.0 and using Dynamo 2.1 you can update to Revit 2020.2.7 and your Dynamo for Revit build will update to 2.3).

If you want a later version of Dynamo than what is enabled by that update, you will need to move into a later year of Revit (ie: Revit 2022.1 which gets you Dynamo For Revit 2.12).

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