Dynamo Restart

Is there any work around for having to restart dynamo when it does not want to re run the node? It will not re calculate the definition in either automatic or Manual. I knew this to be a glitch problem before but I was wondering if there was a workaround yet.

I guess the workaround at present is to reopen the dynamo file.

However, there is a setting that shows you which nodes are going to be revaluated andwhich arent

Settings> Show Run Preview

I tend to add the “RunMe” node (from clockwork i think) to the start of the definition and add the Boolean to it. Feed the info through it and run as normal, set the bool to false and run again to essentially reset it, then set to true to re run. Again not ideal but easier and faster then restarting dynamo.



I’ve been resorting to re-opening the file I just ran in order to get created Revit elements to be permanent in my project.2016-03-06 10_58_32-

How about a fix Autodesk!?! This cant be that hard.

Dealing with the same thing- Ill run it for a View Duplication and the “cache” will run it again for the last view unless I run it with all the “run me”'s nulled an additional time ( you can see they were thrown in as a last resort). I have had similar problems when creating sheets- It will hang on the last run and over right a group of sheets with the new selection. A little annoying but still a huge time saver in the long run.

Just an update- Still does it with the latest 1.2 dynamo!