Dynamo refuses to gather the name of my stairs

I’m trying to get the name of my stairs from a list of elements, but i only get the type. I’ve tried all the nodes i know that can get these.

They are supposed to be named “CT203”, and that’s what the properties panel calls them as well.

Any help would be appreciated

try GetParamaterValueByName and feed it with the exact parameter name u see as “CT203”. Maybe the name of a stair is “stair” and you are looking for something else

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That might work in this exact case, but i need it to be able to retrieve up to a hundred different stairs

You can do that with that node. Input a list of elements and the parameter name, and it will return a list of values, one for each element

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You’re on to something, but i can’t figure out the right parameter.

Any suggestions?

can u provide the samples files? so i can I try myself


Here is the demobuilding i’m using to test the script.

you can also try Element.parameters for the parameter name.

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That worked out in the end! i found out that it needs the type, and out of all the nodes i tried, LunchBox’ was the only one that returned the correct value