Dynamo Question

Hello All,
I have a small question regarding Dynamo. I have reached to a group of polygons that connect different points in a plan and I want to filter these polygons which are parallel to the X and Y plan and I can’t do that. I have tried parallel to vector to vector and I didn’t get the right answer. Can someone provide any help ?
Thank you.

Try this:

For a Vector by the startpoint and endpoints which you gathered.

Use a Vector.AngleAboutAxis to get the angle from the X axis to each line’s direction about the Z axis.

Use a modulo node (%) to get the remaining value of you were to divide by 90.

Test the results for equal to (==) 0.

Use a ‘List.Contains’ node to find any sublists which contain a True value.

Use that resulting list to filter out your original polygons.

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