Dynamo python units

Hello ! I’ve always created family instances with the nodes, but now i need to do it with Python.
As a point to create instance i define Point = XYZ(0,50,0). I thought it would be 50 millimeters, but turns out - it feets. How can i convert units inside a script? (apart from dividing it by 304.8)
Thanks in advance!

If you don’t like to convert every single coordinate, you can try to define a function in python (https://www.programiz.com/python-programming/function):

input = Point (in millimeters) ------> output = Point (in feets)

Hello. Well yes, i had this thoughts, but there will be a LOT of coordinates) I thought maybe it can be declared somehow as the script starts…

Thank you! I will try it

try the below method, used by the units you use…

Thank you! It might be the solution. I will try to go with DUT_MILLIMETERS