Dynamo programming

Hi everyone

I started to learn dynamo and I learned a lot with help of the dynamo forum.
Now I want to learn programming which can help to improve my dynamo scripts.
But I have no idea, from where I should start.
It will be very helpful if somebody guides me about this…

Thank you

If you want to start with programming itself (So no Dynamo) I would advise to start with Python on the site SoloLearn

Do the Starter course and from there you can try to apply this into the Python Nodes in Dynamo.
Ones you understand the Syntax (The rules of writing in a l)anguage you can start with the Revit API.

To Learn the interaction with the Revit API you can take a look at custom nodes from packages like Clockwork etc. Open those nodes and take a look at how they wrote the code. Try to understand that and then try to recreate those.

This is how I started with Programming


I made a free series on my channel for Python, with focus on being quick and providing generic programming techniques you can apply in Dynamo later on.

This is moreorless a repackaging of what I learnt over at Data camp (https://www.datacamp.com/). The courses were quite simple, but helped me get started well. Sololearn is a great resource also from what I have heard.

Focus on learning iteration/looping as early as possible (for i in this:). This is the most common Python technique I would say I use in Dynamo, and the reason I go to it more often than not. These techniques are common to most written programming languages, with the main difference usually being that sometimes tab indendtation is used and sometimes {encapsulation} is used (or sometimes both).

10 parts, the first one is here. Don’t rush, and know when to put it down and come back to it. I’ve currently put down C# after trying it out, will go back to it at some point.