Dynamo primer 404 Not Found

Is this the same for everyone?

It seems that only the English version can be opened.

So this doesn’t work…

Google -> Dynamo Primer, first result

but this does…

Google -> Dynamo Primer 1.3, first result

from here… if you change the language, it goes here…
and fails.
http://primer.dynamobim.com/de also fails

The org is perhaps being updated to com and hasn’t been done everywhere yet?

Edit: see below for updates

We are making some updates to the primer. We are aware of the issues and trying to resolve them. More soon.

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So, I just checked and it appears like everything is working. Please clear your browser cache and try again.

Hi Racel,

I told Chrome to clear my cache and hit the links again, they are all responding as before.

I presume you’re saying that if I go to the http://dynamoprimer.com/en/ and change language it should open the German version? I’m afraid that is still failing for me.



I made a few more changes to the DNS. Can you please clear your cache and try again?

Afraid it’s still the same…

It may just take some time for the DNS to update. I suggest that you check again later and let me know. Some times it can take up to 24 hours to update.


@Mark.Ackerley try this link: http://dynamoprimer.com/de/

That link now works :slight_smile:

It still fail

Make sure you’ve cleared your cache and that you don’t have a firewall blocking access. DNS may still be taking some time to update to your location. I just checked and each link is working correctly on two devices on separate networks.

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Hi @ssean7240

You can see that yours is failing as it is using the Org link, not the Com link…

as you can see the German version is hosted on the .org domain

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Edit: I cleared my cache and the com.de and org.de both work for me, the primer takes me to the org.de :slight_smile:

I tried both .com and .org failed

Can work. Thank you

Hi all- The DNS looks like it finally updated. Please check again and let me know. If everything looks to be in order, please mark this as resolved.

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