Dynamo Primer "2.4. Getting Started" exercise not acting as expected

Good day All,

I’m new to Dynamo and am starting off with the Dynamo Primer exercises.

Refer to image below. Could someone please explain why my circles aren’t arrayed the same way as in the exercise? I can only post one image, please refer to the example at http://dynamoprimer.com/en/02_Hello-Dynamo/2-6_the_quick_start_guide.html

Forgive me if its a stupid question, or if the answer is easily available. I’m still familiarising myself with the site, and am struggling to search for the solutions as I don’t know how to specify my searches properly. I believe it will come as I familiarise myself with programming jargon.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Connor,

Have you checked the lacing?


I didn’t even know about lacing, being a beginner I just assumed it must of been a bug! :wink: haha. I see now that they specifically point out to the lacing in the exercise, a point that I had missed.

Now that its been pointed out what an easy fix it is and how dumb I am I will have to trust the program in future.

Thank you. :slight_smile: