Primer Sunflower tutorial problem


Greetings All,

I am working through the primer and I had a question/problem with one of the math tutorials, specifically the sunflower one using parametric equations. I followed the code exactly, even using the tutorials numbers, but I am only getting two spirals.Sunflower_tutorial_error sunflower_tutorial_error_code I have enclosed two screen shots. any advice or reason why I am not getting more spirals? Thank you for reading. I have just started exploring and I am very excited about the possibilities with this program.


Unable to enlarge your second image.

However, you might want to double check if the lacing on your nodes is as in the tutorials.

Lacing is indicated by the lines at the bottom left of most node and can be altered from the right click menu


Thank you sir!

the lacing for the Geometry.Rotate was not set to cross product. Once I did as you suggested my sunflower appeared. Thank you!