Dynamo player input over different versions

Hey Guys,

At my office i’m one of the few who “gets” dyanmo, and thus i ended up making allot of scripts which coworkers are using.
To make these as user friendly as possible i’ve been trying to have the scripts require as little input as possible.

I’ve noticed however that bitween dynamo versions my preset input sometimes gets changed.
For instance with “select category” in version 2.0.3 i’ve selected “sheets” but when i open it in 2.3.0. i has selected “Structural framing”.

This means my coworkers have to edit the input, even though its always the same.
Deselecting it as input doesn’t work.

Does anyone know how i coulod fix this?
The problem is, due to allot of different projects and companies we work with we cant use 1 specific version of Revit, and thus Dynamo…

This is not a dynamo issue, this is related to revit versions. It is because of additional revit elements being added/exposed between revit versions(eg 2018 vs 2019), therefore follow what is discussed in the following post on how to hardcode this into your script.

Use this for selection of categories:

For use on other things like phase:

I’ll add in that once Revit 2019 and 2018 are out of the picture this issue will go away. :slight_smile:

You can also use the Category.ByName node in this case, which takes a string as an input.

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