Dynamo Player change between different modes

Hello, I would like to have two different selection methods in Dynamo Player, (“Nur Auswahl Attribuieren” false) one where it selects all elements according to the previously defined model categories or (“Nur Auswahl Attribuieren” true) one where it only uses selected ones. Is there a way to do this, because the player blocks the start of the script if no object is selected, no matter what selection?

The script works without the selection option (method all elements according to given categories), but I wanted to offer a second one for productivity reasons, so that not all objects are always attributed.

Sorry, everything in the player is in German, but you understand what I mean.

The Datashapes UI++ nodes can facilitate this; The latest update to Dynamo player may also offer some relief, but it looks as if you’re multiple years sort of reaching that point.

Thank you, DataShape UI looks very interesting but my company doesn’t want to use any external plugins/packages and the script needs to work in Revit2021 too, which unfortunately complicates things a bit.

I’m not a Python programmer, in contrast to C# my knowledge is still very limited there, but can you write your own UI with Python that also works in the Dynamo Player to avoid this problem?

I hope the Dynamo programmers take a look at Grasshopper and bring the possibilities to Dynamo.

This is what the UI++ tools do. Similar to grasshopper, if you want to make use of the larger tools of the ecosystem, you’ll need to move past the ‘no external packages’ stance, or learn to code up your own, and take on the long term maintenance of that code.

If youre company doesnt want to use custom packages and is serious about dynamo, they need to get serious about python. Simple as that.

RE the grasshopper thing, identify what would benefit your workflows that might be present and make suggestions/requests via the dynamo github. Grasshopper is available via rhino inside as well if you just need the two together, but python/API is needed to do most things well in that environment.


Hello, I would rather use Grasshopper than Dynamo because I am more familiar with it and the most important functions are there from the start (inputs like buttons/value lists etc.) but since there are only a handful of licenses and Dynamo comes with Revit, I use Dynamo for scripts like this so anyone can easily use them. Dynamo is unusual but a good tool but it needs only some more functions. I currently only use Grasshopper with RhinoInsideRevit for parametric bridges, because I can send the data there to Sofistik if necessary.

Can you also address and manipulate other nodes using their names (when renamed) in Dynamo with the Python node?

Sorry, my english is not the best but I hope you can unterstand what I mean.

Dynamo has its own API so yes nodes can do things with other nodes, but it runs all at once through the data flow versus interactively like Grasshopper.

Again if lisence counts are an issue this sounds like a business decision not aligning with user needs.

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