Dynamo Player Select only if true

is there a way to make the Select Model Elements boolean in the Dynamo Player? Currently i made it so if the boolean is true my script looks at all elements in the active view and if the boolean value is chosen as false then its supposed to take the selected elements, but regardless of which of the 2 i chose i have to select elements every time i run the script, even if i chose true and the selection effectivly does nothing. Is there a way to make the input only necessary if i chose false and only then?


The select model elements don’t have any input so you can’t use a wait node to pause them…

So… I had a look at dynamo and have found:

I’d suggest feeding your boolean into a watch node then feeding that into one of these pictured nodes.

So basically; IF A then go to the wait node so the selection node executes, Else do the other thing.

Lemme know if this works :slight_smile:

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Using the Datashapes UI++ node are likely the way to go here as you can have it not execute the manual selection if the first selection is true by putting a not node in between.